20 Great Reasons To Attend Womancon2015

20 great reasons to secure your place at one of the leading conferences for women entrepreneurs.  WOMANCON2015  Act now! Tickets to Womancon2015 are going fast!

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1) Incredible speakers to inspire, educate and re-ignite your entrepreneurial passion like Janet Hanson (Founder and former CEO of 85 Broads), Dorie Clark (Author of Stand Out & Reinventing You), Egypt Sherrod (CEO, Author and Host of Property Virgins) and many, many more!

2) The opportunity to grow your network and build professional relationships with leading women entrepreneurs from across the country.

3) Pitch the media LIVE! Get company exposure and valuable feedback to hit home runs with all future pitches.

4) The chance to meet, talk to and learn from women like Denise Caldwell (Celebrity Stylist),Julie Sygiel (Founder of Dear Kate Apparel), Sarah Kauss (Founder of S’well) and many other incredible female founders and leaders in their field.

5) When you register for Womancon2015 by September 7th, you will receive an incredible, exclusive media training session from the Beyond PR Group. You will be trained by seasoned media pros who have secured broadcast bookings for the Today Show, Good Morning America and the like.

6) Learn the secrets of social media that will take your marketing strategy to the next level with several social media gurus.

7) Resources that will transform your ideas into reality, leading to business growth and expansion. You will have access to the Kauffman Foundation, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, Earnst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women, Breather and more and similar organizations.

8) Sales and marketing techniques for bootstrapping.

9) The change to be part of a leading business conference that connects women entrepreneurs with experts in public relations and marketing.

10) How to brand, yourself and your business, for success with Dorie Clark.

11) Understand social media-driven sales strategies and how to enhance your social media presence and impact. 12) Learn how to create and implement effective business strategies, along with sales and marketing plans to make your vision a reality.

13) Get actionable tips on how establish yourself as a thought leader and business expert.

14) Participate in a highly anticipated panel discussion with Geri Stengel, founder of Ventureneer/Forbes contributor, Vivian Giang, of Fast Company, Liz O’Donnell of Double Forte PR and Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, of Inc.

15) Understand how to take your business vision and turn it into a realistic plan with defined outcomes.

16) Discover strategies to keep your sales pipeline strong, while building and growing your business.

17) Solutions and practical advice to solve your most daunting business challenges. Yes, we will hear your specific challenges on the day, so come prepared!

18) From professional image, business presentation to personal confidence; learn the skills that will make you the leader you aspire to be.

19) Be part of a growing women entrepreneur’s network and attend a premier conference that gets bigger and better every year.

20) And if the previous 19 reasons aren’t enough – simply attend to treat yourself to a day of good food and drinks with a full breakfast, lunch and cocktails, plus a great gift bag – all in the company of inspiring women!

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Womancon 2015

September 29, from 9:00am – 6:30pm Digital Sandbox in New York City