Evolution of Womancon

Womancon started over lunch in the winter of 2012, when Adrienne and I wished there was a conference for women like us. That vision not only grew into that conference we first imagined, but so much more – a community of brilliant, vibrant, women entrepreneurs who have come together to learn, support each other, find resources, do business deals, land speaking gigs, and get PR for their companies. It’s been truly amazing.

We started out looking to deliver two things: the “yes, you can do it too” inspiration of hearing from super successful founders, but just as importantly, the actual HOW to do it. As we brought together these insanely brilliant and successful women to talk to our audience each year, we learned a critical third thing. The entrepreneurial path is not really about your company at all. It’s about you, and your life.

Today, more and more of us are building our careers (and our lives) like a quilt, rather than a ladder. We move in and out of business ownership, corporate jobs, freelance projects, staying home to care for kids or parents.

The entrepreneurial path is really about how you approach yourself, your career, your family, your life. Your priorities, your experience, your age, your stage of life… they all influence what success means to you at this moment. And that will likely change again.

In that spirit, we are announcing the end of Womancon as you know it, and pursuing some exciting new plans.

I have joined LifeWorx, a company that is doing innovative things in home health care and staffing in the NYC area.

Adrienne (drumroll….!!) has launched She Leads Media, a new company focused on professional women that will continue many awesome things that Womancon did for entrepreneurs, and expand it to a ton of new exciting initiatives TBA.

I hope that you will join me in supporting her and being a part of this amazing new She Leads community!

Wishing you all the very best,