Women’s Conferences


I just finished reading a thorough and enlightening Bloomberg Business article by Sheelah Kolhatkar that reviewed women’s conferences and explored, in depth, the greater idea of feminism and what many of these conferences offer to women around the world.   While womancon was contacted to provide some nice photos that are included in the header image of the article, we appear as only a mention in the footnotes below a graphic in the article.  It is unfortunate that the journalist, Sheelah Kolhatkar didn’t ask us more about our mission and what we offer to women entrepreneurs.  What’s missing from this piece is the fact that there AREwomen’s conferences, albeit smaller and more intimate, that offer women practical, actionable advice and a forum for launching and growing their businesses.  One of those conferences is womancon.

Many women who have attended or spoken at womancon have seen a direct and immediate boost to their business by attending and networking.  Speakers have attracted new lucrative clients, attendees have secured loans and financing to help them grow their business, sponsors have signed up new subscribers, and everyone has met at least one person that they still maintain a professionally beneficial relationship with to this day.

The women that attend, speak and sponsor womancon are smart.  They’re savvy and they know it.  We don’t have a large media outlet that can serve as an ‘advertising buy’. What we have is real, authentic, genuine.  Of course we’d like to attract and pay for the likes of Jessica Alba, Martha Stewart, Oprah.  But we can’t – not yet. With your help, support and networking, we can all grow our business to the level that we desire – to support our lifestyles, our families and provide us with the freedom to direct our careers as we see fit.  We’d love to see you at womancon on October 6th in NYC.

In the meantime, take a read of the Bloomberg article yourself and please let us know your thoughts.