Bringing Gender Balance to Leadership and Entrepreneurship

We all see, hear and absorb an overabundance of male-focused leadership images and business success stories from movies, on television, online and in the news. Startup conferences and pitch-fests attended primarily by men seem to occur every day of the week. And, we’ve all heard the stats – men raise more venture capital, are funded more frequently and scale to greater levels than women.

There’s no indication that this activity will slow down anytime soon. The world needs to evolve and people need to innovate to bring new services, products and philanthropy to light. However, evolution and innovation is not a one-sided, male-dominated equation. It does not take seed from one magic place or emanate from one particular group or a singular line of thinking. Rather, innovation occurs across cultures and genders, as well as age groups. The images we see and the stories we hear need to be brought into balance.

She Leads Media was created to provide women with a platform – a place – where they have access to the specific tools, resources, network, skills and confidence needed to bring the world of entrepreneurship and leadership into balance. We all need to participate. We all need to be profiled in the media. We all need to get our voices heard; to speak up and step up so that everyone absorbs a more equal amount of leadership images and business success stories from movies, on television, online and in the news.

The She Leads 2017 conference is designed to meet the needs of women who are ready to take action and to make a lasting impact. During the day-long event, some of the important questions we will explore, discuss and take action on include:

  • What does leadership look like? Sound like? How can you, as a woman, be a more effective and visible leader?
  • What does leadership for women mean in a global context?
  • What could being an entrepreneur look like in your life – as a full-time career, as a side-gig? How realistic is it to transition from a corporate career to starting a business and becoming a successful entrepreneur?
  • What is the best way to position and pitch yourself to the media so that you make it easy for them to cover your story and turn to you when they need a subject-matter expert?
  • How can you effectively show up as a leader? What does your physical presence communicate? How can you use your voice to build rapport and relationship? How can you tap into your inner-power to help you achieve your desired outcomes?
  • What amazing things are women doing and creating in the media, entertainment and music space that have impact and influence on our culture and the way women are portrayed?
  • And practically – how can you market all of this? How can you best leverage social media to sell yourself and/or your business?

If you agree that now is the time for the world of entrepreneurship and leadership to be brought into balance – and whether you’re a woman or a man – please take some time to check out the She Leads 2017 conference. And, please, feel free to let me know what you think. Everyone’s opinion and reaction is welcomed.

Visit the She Leads Media website to learn more. To register for She Leads 2017, please click here.

Note – I first published this article on LinkedIn – found here